Tom Shuman Pottery


Pescadero artisan Tom Shuman fell in love with clay in the second grade, and found his life’s passion in a high school ceramics class. After years of tutelage with some of Northern California’s most revered potters, Tom has established his own personal style, a blend of Asian and Native American techniques (with some Bay Area sports fanaticism thrown in.)


Step into the Tom Shuman Gallery and you’ll find an eclectic mix of durable dinnerware as well as finely crafted decor items such as Raku fired vases and lamps. Each piece has a story, and no two are alike. Custom orders to commemorate special people or special occasions are welcome. Please inquire.


Haven’t you always wanted to get your hands dirty? Tom Shuman offers a range of opportunities, from group workshops and private lessons for the beginning potter to supportive Open Studio sessions where more experienced students can work at their own pace while still benefitting from Tom’s watchful eye and gentle suggestions for refining technique and method.